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Terms and Conditions for Membership.*
1. I declare that I have not been convicted in any case by any court in the country of India.
2. I am a citizen of India, and have not been involved in any criminal case in India, and there is no criminal case pending against me in any court of the country.
3. I also declare that the above information given by me is true and correct, and nothing has been concealed by me. If any information is found to be false, then the National President of the organization will have the right to cancel my membership. Let it be done.
4. During the period of my membership in the organization, I shall abide by the rules and regulations of the constitution of the organization. In case of misusing the name of the organization, the organization can take action against me, and I will not be entitled to withdraw the contribution amount from the organization.
5. After completing the formalities, ID card, certificate will be sent to your address within one month Or PDF file can also be mailed or WhatsApp to you.
6. If your form is rejected for any reason, your money will be returned by check after one month after deducting a fee of 2.5% from the amount deposited by you.
7. All the office bearers and members of the organization have to deposit the renewal fee one month before the expiry of the validity of the card. Only after that the renewal card will be issued.
8. 50% concession in membership fee will be provided by the organization to Women, Advocates, Students, all the officials of SC / ST cell.