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An Introduction to the World Human Rights Council:

The World Human Rights Council is a social trust registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882.) Is the World Human Rights Council Registered organization under the Indian Trust Act 1882, whose registration number is 16/2015. The unique ID issued by the Niti Aayog Government of India is UP / 2018/0199150. The registration Number UAM NO by the Udhyog Aadhar UP50D0015583 . An ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Organization.

This is a non-governmental, organization. Our task is to make people aware of the society and the loss of rights of the common people and expose the corruption spreading in society, while approving governance is the main objective, because today the incidents of human rights in the whole world will not rise, not only in India. The incidents like human oppression, women's oppression, sexual abuse and child labor are prominent. The prisoners in prison are pathetic and anxious. Problems like corruption, communalism, racism, and linguistic are going on in the country day by day. Even after 71 years of independence, most of the Indians still enjoy better education, food, health, housing, pure drinking water, justice, equality And lack of basic amenities like development.In our Constitution, there has been no discrimination of caste, religion, descent, gender, richness, poverty, educated-illiterate. . In the constitution, every person in the country has a sense of right to physical and natural freedom as well as to have a dignified life. In order to bring it practically, the constitution has provided for the legislature, judiciary and executive. On this basis, the constitution of our country is considered to be the best constitution of the world. But the irony is that the common man can not get the benefit of it. The biggest question is whether every citizen of India has got social, economic and political justice? In villages, there is no cleaning in the ration shop, the goods do not get right in the ration shop, the government offices do not work without facilities, hospitals do not get the medicines, the doctor nurse does not pay attention to the patients, the roads are broken, the village level From the officials of the politicians, legislators do not pay attention to the minister, the electricity does not get well in the villages and backward areas. Our organization is trying to solve all these problems and organization has been formed to fulfill these objectives. Our task is to make people aware. We do not operate any government schemes. We have not authorized any person to collect money from the organization because the organization does not take any kind of money. The organization operates its activities in collaboration with its members. If you are sending your work to someone through our office then be aware that the person is your trustee. For any kind of information, contact the organization's officials who will help you with your selfless self, so that we can reach your voice through governance-administration from national level to national level. Human Services is the main objective of the organization is.

Our aim

1. Consolidate and alert the citizens of the country.
2. To make citizens aware of their rights and protect their dignity.
3. Make citizens citizens of educational, socially powerful.
4. Make citizens aware of all constitutional rights of citizens.
5. To cooperate with governance, administration and police to cooperate with them in preventing corruption and crimes and to bring justice to the victims.
6. Develop social ethical, character and intellectual, spiritual development and development of hate and ideological harmony among the masses.
7. Attempt for social justice and economic uplift in the Indian Constitution.
8. Attempts to remove them with the help of government-semi-governmental organizations for the prevention of present-day problems like corruption, terrorism, women's violence, child labor, exploitation, disorder etc.
9. To publish publicity of publications and to organize seminars and seminars from time to time to make public aware of human rights and propagate human rights protection.
10. Try to stop crime and exploitation by establishing cooperation with the administration.
11. Publicity of the Human Rights Protection Act-1993, passed by the Government of India, to propagate among the masses so that the common man can get the benefit of it.
12. The National Human Rights Council will be formed by forming a team at National, Zone-North, East, West, South, State, Mandal, District, Tehsil, Block, city level and thus will be the executive of all the Members (Minority cell, Legal Cell, Women Cell, Youth Cells, Information R.T.I Cell, OBC Cell, S.C/ S.T Cell etc.)