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• Vishwa Muslim Board is a religious trust which is registered under the Indian law act 1882. Trust main motive is the publicity of the Muslim religion and to help the needy people of the religion. Trusts motive is to help the needy people and mange the fund from the country as well as outside the country from the Muslims living in the foreign countries for providing better medical facility, education as well as entertainment facility to the Muslim society. What is Vishwa Muslim Board ?

• Vishwa Muslim Board is a religious trust which is registered under Indian Law act 1882. Vishwa Muslim Board is a non-government body. Our organization’s main motive is the development of the muslim people with better life and better facilities. In our country the muslim peoples are not as developed as other religion people because of literacy in muslim people. The muslim peoples are financially are also weak. Organization main motive is to fulfill all the necessities. We request the muslim people who are capable, developed and financially strong to help the muslim people who need them. Is the Vishwa Muslim Board Registered?

• Registered organization under the Indian Trust Act 1882, whose registration number is 105/2014, and the unique ID issued by the Policy Commission of the Government of India is UP / 2018/0200393 and UAN Registration Number UAN NO -UP50D0024060 and ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Organization. Motive of Vishwa Muslim Board

• Vishwa Muslim Board motive is to provide help to the old aged people, development of orphan children by providing the necessary education so that they can live a better life. Vishwa Muslim Board will also conduct a group marriages for the poor muslim girls. Vishwa Muslim Board will also building the school and collages for the muslim children for

• Rules and Regulation for the Members:-

• Vishwa Muslim Board is a non salaried body the members have to work independently and no fee should be charged to any body regarding any issue

• If any member found working against the rule and regulation of Vishwa Muslim Board his/her membership can be cancelled .

• Every member of organization has to report to the senior about the condition of their area for helping the poor muslim people and their development.

• It is necessary to follow the rules of Vishwa Muslim Board nationally as well as locally for better working .

• For any doubts please contact to the Vishwa Muslim Board office and contact number provided by the organization.

Form for the Membership

• I except and agree to follow the rules and regulation of Vishwa Muslim Board which is in favour of society, religion, region and constitutional rights.

• I will stand against such powers who are working against the law.

I will work and complete the work selflessly after accepting the membership of I except and agree to follow the rules and regulation of.

• I will work without any selfishness after accepting the membership of Vishwa Muslim Board.

• I will take part in the meetings of Vishwa Muslim Board and accept my work .

• I will not work against the rules and regulation of the Vishwa Muslim Board and if found guilty then organization has the right to cancel my membership.

• I want to join the Vishwa Muslim Board and enroll among those great people who are the part of this great organization.


I agree the membership of the organization” Vishwa Muslim Board” to help those muslim people who are not able to get necessities of their life to live. All the information given by me is true and correct without hiding any thing.

Signature of the candidate


You will happy to know the Vishwa Muslim Board is a religious trust which work for the development and growth of the poor muslim people to establish the unity among the society. Vishwa Muslim Board is working as national organizational trust which will help for the upliftment of poor Muslim. Our organization member will cover the area where no one is able to go. So, we request those muslim people who want to help their needy muslim brothers and sisters. We take a pleadge to help those needy muslim people who need us.



Where ever we see in the world there is a Obedience in the society, whether it is Jewes, Punjabi, Sindhi or Hindu. Today all the religion are toward their development. These religions are some where part of administration and some where these are the administration. Other religions are financial stronger than the muslim religion. The other religion are advance in every sector of the society and on the other side where were we in the past and where are we in the present. The religion which are in 2% to 3% of the population are administration these days. Don’t forget that we are the religion who has ruled India for more than 100 years, we are in millions and we are feeling proud yet we are ruled by others. If some khan sahib is feeling proud by saying that he is working as a 4th class employee to some senior officer or minister of other religion, then I need to ask that person “Where is his self respect and attitude? What happened to you. How long will you be slave to other’s? Muslim people please rais you voice and have your right. It is necessary to have the basic knowledge as well as advance knowledge is necessary to now a days. Today we need a bright and knowledgeable student from our religion, Muslim school and Muslim hospitals are necessary and we need honest administration too. Wee need I.A.S and I.P.S to where do we get these? We need to have focus on our children and family to gain all these. We need to give the basic as well as advanced study to our children to achieve all the goals like other religion and have the part of the administration which will lead to the growth of muslims as well as growth of religion too. Presently we have lost our identity among the world. We are not having any respect as well as place in the country, we are having humiliation in the society. We are been rejected by the administration because we are not on the same platform as the others. We need to be well educated and have the advance and latest knowledge to be with world. We need to join same platform of well educated group to make our religion proud and towards the development of the religion. May Allah bless us and all the muslims for the betterment of their Life.

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