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Why VMP?

World Human Rights Council: Human Rights / Social Organization - As it is known only by the name of this organization, the problems of the common people with the help of the government for the prevention of human rights violation / human rights abuses It is designed to be done to fulfill the objectives of reaching the governance administration. The main purpose of the council is to spread the maximum rights of human rights protection. By which the general public can know their rights and when the public is aware of their rights and social justice then the common masses of the country will be able to live a happy life, and there will be a happy environment in society. For small things, the chalky will not go to the police and shelter of the court and will establish the example of national integration and brother fodder. And not only in entire India, but also in the whole world. Nowata message shelve thereby illuminating India's name. Establishing national unity by working in social interest at national and international level is our ultimate objective. Many different cells have also been formed in view of various aspects of society in this Council. All the cells are fed and guarded by the legislation of the Council, similar to the main council. The founder members, mainly National President / Founder / National Convener / Guardian (who will not be elected), apart from this, the term of all the office bearers has been kept for 01 years, which can be reduced or enhanced by looking at the time and circumstances. This Council has been created by being motivated by service. No one is nominated with any other effect in this Council, if any such officer is found, by doing so, after getting the notification, it can be concluded with immediate effect and appropriate action can be taken against him.

What does human rights say?

The World Human Rights Council is the main objective that never treat others with others who do not like to be with you. Know your rights and make others aware. Play a leading role for the protection of human rights. Start the human rights and legal aid center by joining the World Human Rights Council and become a strong voice against exploitation, inequality and oppression. Remember that the violation of human rights not only blocks the development of a particular person but the entire family, society and nation. The United Nations has taken significant initiatives towards the protection of human rights throughout the world. The charter declared in this regard is supported by almost all the countries of the world. Even in India, the National Human Rights Commission has played an important role in this matter, but any attempt to protect human rights in the absence of public awareness is dishonest. World Human Rights Council various government departments, bodies, lawmakers, academicians, educated citizens and common people It is important to work in this direction by establishing a common sense and by cooperating with them. If you are aware of human rights and also enthusiasts, then we just wait for you.